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After much deliberation, we've made the painful decision to dissolve Wildwood Farm Sanctuary and Preserve by the end of 2022. Our beloved animals will all find new homes with sanctuaries or private adopters. If you live in Oregon or Southwest Washington and are interested in providing a loving, permanent home with a lifetime commitment and all necessary veterinary care, we hope you'll fill out an application. You can read here about our adoptable animals' personalities and the types of homes they're hoping to find.

Zander 1.jpg

Meggie is a happy, healthy little girl goat, about eight years old with no health issues. She's friendly once she gets to know you, loves bananas and goatie hijinks. She loves to give goatie kisses and enjoys being groomed. Meggie is bonded to Zander and we would like them to be adopted together

Zander is a stunning tri-color wether goat who loves basking in the sun, fruits and veggies, giving sweet kisses to his human friends and is polite to his goat pals. Zander is about eight years old and very healthy.

Both Meggie and Zander have been dewormed, microchipped and are current on vaccines. Not CLA/CAE tested.


Moose is a handsome, easygoing guy with a beautiful set of horns and the sweetest brown eyes we've ever seen. He's a Jersey steer, about seven years old and in excellent health. Moose would do best on flat, dry land. He has been dewormed. No vaccine history, not halter trained, has not had hooves trimmed.

The Real Onyx.png

Opal is a small, gentle girl with unique markings and a delightful two-tone nose. Opal will come running for scratches and snuggles. And treats, lots of treats! She is bonded to Onyx and they need to be adopted together.


Onyx has it all: good looks and a winning personality! He's a little bit more shy than his pal Opal but will come for treats and scratches once he gets to know you. 


Both are about eight, no health issues, dewormed, microchipped and is current on vaccines. Not CLA/CAE tested.

Fraser in Barn.jpg

You might mistake Fraser for a plain back rooster... until you see him in the sunlight!   Then his feathers shimmer with iridescent shades of green, blue and purple. But he hasn't let his stunning good looks go to his head. Fraser is friendly and very gentlemanly with the hens, gets along with the turkeys but not other roos. Probably about four years old.

Luna 3.jpg

Selene is a lovely little goat with beautiful cream, caramel and mocha markings. She's very friendly once she gets to know you and is polite with the other goats. She and Luna are a bonded pair and they need to be adopted together.

Luna, as you can see, has some trust issues. She is a gentle, polite goat but not particularly fond of humans. She likes to rub her belly on rocks and head butt the barn. Hey, everyone needs a hobby. 

They're both about eight, very healthy, dewormed, microchipped and current on vaccines. Not CLA/CAE tested.

Priscilla Cash Chester Tony.jpg

Priscilla, Chester, Cash and Tony


Dante is a medium-sized rooster with stunning plumage that we're sure he's very proud of. Unlike a lot of roosters, he loves his buddy Jerry and they need to be adopted together. Dante is a mellow, older roo with no health issues. 

Jerry is an older, peaceful rooster who likes to bask in the sun, take the occasional dirt bath and show off his singing voice. He likes treats with a strong preference for corn.


We have several hens that need a safe place to land and live out their lives in peace and comfort. Many of these lovely ladies started their lives in large egg production facilities where they lived in miserable conditions. To adopt one or more of these hens, you will need a predator-proof coop and a large outdoor area where they can roam free during the day. 

Onyx, Name, Name and Opal are all about eight years old, healthy and 

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