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Each and every resident at Wildwood is a treasured member of our family. We do everything we can to make sure they live long, happy and healthy lives. And when it's time to say goodbye, we make sure they pass as peacefully and painlessly as possible. They all live on in our hearts. 

Our beloved Billy Blue Eyes 

Billy was one of the first goats taken in at Wildwood Farm Sanctuary and Preserve. Rescued from a neglect situation, he then joined his brother Orin, mother Nancy and aunt Sheba with a kind and loving family before the group found their way to us in 2014.

Billy won the hearts of everyone he met. With his cheeky antics and affectionate personality, he always made sure he was noticed. He was always first in line for a treat and a head scratch and would often sneak up behind volunteers to rub his face against them, leaving his white all over their clothes. No one minded though as they knew it was Billy’s equivalent of giving a hug.

Billy’s life took a turn in May 2021 when a freak accident led to a broken leg and subsequent amputation. Billy didn’t let that stop him though and was often found in the barn stealing bananas and spending time sunning himself. But being an elderly goat with three legs and arthritis finally took its toll and in the last couple of weeks of his life, Billy was no longer able to get up. We tried all the treatments possible including steroids and acupuncture, but sadly Billy’s body had given up and we were advised he would not recover. At this point, the kindest and most dignified thing to do for Billy was to say goodbye.

Billy was surrounded by the people who loved him when he passed, with a belly full of treats, snuggled on his cushions covered in warm blankets. We all miss him desperately, but take comfort in the fact that Billy lived a long and happy life and knew he was loved.

Billy Blue Eyes
Billy Silly
Billy Blue Eye
Charles a rescued turkey

Charles charmed everyone he met

Charles arrived at the sanctuary in 2014 and was one of our oldest rescued turkeys when he passed away in 2021 from heart failure. Raised as a 4-H project and destined for the Thanksgiving dinner table, Charles escaped his fate when his young owner had a change of heart. 


Charles was especially well known for his stunning appearance and need for praise and affection. His natural ability to charm and need to be loved and admired was the perfect antidote to quashing the myths that turkeys are aggressive or dumb. He was a very smart, very gentle creature and he is very much missed. 


Sir Randolph was an amazing ambassador

Like Charles, Sir Randolph found his way to Wildwood in 2014 after being abandoned in a park in Portland. We were so lucky to have so many years with this beautiful and intelligent bird! For many visitors, he was the first peacock they'd ever met and he delighted everyone with his plumage and personality. Sir Randolph died of natural causes in 2021. 

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