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Wildwood volunteers are the

heart and soul of the sanctuary!

We operate and succeed because of the amazing people who give their time and energy to ensure our residents’ bedding is clean and fresh, their pastures are tidy, and their buckets are scrubbed. Volunteers get paid in cow kisses, and quality time grooming goats and hanging with hens. 


Are you interested in volunteering? We have options depending on your availability (see below). Tasks may include:

  • Cleaning the pastures, play areas, and barn stalls

  • Removing old straw bedding and replacing with fresh

  • Cleaning water and food dishes

  • Feeding the residents

  • Grooming and socializing

  • Making minor repairs to our barns, fencing and enclosures

  • Small building projects (please let us know if you have carpentry experience)

  • Assisting our licensed veterinary technician or senior animal care volunteers with routine health care

Get started by completing our Volunteer Application & Waiver and reading the General Guidelines below. 

Liz & Ferd
Volunteer with rescued turkey

Come to a public work party!

We hold public work parties the first and third Sunday of each month. Spots are limited so sign up soon! New volunteers: please read the General Guidelines below and complete the Volunteer Application & Waiver before signing up.

Be a weekly Animal Care Team volunteer!

Our Animal Care Team is the backbone of our sanctuary operations. They are weekly volunteers who come out on a specific day of the week (including Sundays) and help with feeding, cleaning, laying fresh bedding, and other tasks. Generally, weekly shifts are with a small group of people (2-3), however Sundays we have a larger group of regular volunteers and is a day where extra projects may be completed depending on the need.

Additional details/requirements for our Animal Care Team:

  • Long term commitment required (we ask for at least a 6-9 month commitment)

  • Shifts are two hours in length

  • Training availability on Thursdays and/or Sundays preferred 

  • Morning availability required, Sunday shifts are from 9:00am-11:00am. Most weekday shifts are from 8:30am-10:30am.

  • You will be assigned to a specific day of the week based on your schedule and will come out every week with your team for the day after completing a number of training sessions

  • All volunteers must review our Volunteer Handbook and provide a signature of completion

  • Operational updates will be sent regularly via email, and we ask that volunteers review the information received to ensure consistent communication

General Guidelines


General Information:

  • We ask that all our volunteers are up to date on any COVID vaccinations/boosters prior to coming out for a shift.

  • Be prepared for walking on uneven terrain, with varying degrees of incline and working in inclement weather.

  • Wildwood Farm Sanctuary does not discriminate against visitors on the basis of disability. We encourage you to let us know in advance if you need accommodations.

  • For our guests and volunteers, we have a porta-potty with hand sanitizer and an uncovered area with picnic tables.

  • Volunteer with rescued goat
    Anthe & Hawkeye

    Resident Care

  • Our residents are on special diets for the sake of their health. We welcome donations of fresh produce for them to enjoy, but please DO NOT FEED THE RESIDENTS without approval and assistance from a senior animal care volunteer.

  • Do not enter enclosures or pastures without first checking with designated volunteers.

  • Wildwood is a haven for wildlife, so be on the lookout for snakes, spiders, bees, mice, and other natural residents.

  • Because of their histories, some of our residents have deformities or special medical conditions. Please know that they are receiving appropriate care that allows them to have comfortable lives and we love them just the way they are.

  • Volunteer Age Requirement:

    • Our age requirement to volunteer at a Public Work Party is 18+ or 14+ with a parent/guardian present. Please have both parties complete the Volunteer Application & Waiver, noting the name of the minor.

    • Animal Care Volunteers are required to be at least 18 years of age.


    To bring or not to bring:

    • Wildwood is a vegan facility. You are welcome to use our picnic area, however out of respect for our residents, please only bring vegan-friendly snacks and drinks with you (no meat/eggs/dairy). 

    • Please leave companion animals at home. We love all animals, but for the safety and comfort of all, we cannot allow dogs or other pets on the property, including in visitors’ vehicles (it's not safe for your pets).

    • All volunteers must wear closed-toed shoes. Muck boots are best, because the ground is muddy in the rainy season. No flip-flops or other open-toed shoes.

    • There is absolutely no smoking or alcohol allowed on the sanctuary premises.

    • Please bring a refillable water bottle to help reduce waste.

    • Please plan for the weather. There is limited cover from sun and rain, so dress accordingly.

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